Wednesday, September 1, 2010


For the last few weeks I have deliberated over what I will and wont buy in my first order from the new Catalogue! I have crossed out, written in, crossed out, re-written, added to deleted and added again, because I dont think I can do without anything!
I will confess that I stayed up well past my bedtime to put my order in at 12.01. Imagine my disappointment when the screen said orders couldnt be placed till 4am! I was absolutely desolate and with slumped shoulders went off to bed.
Woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed and even before the coffee was on, logged in ready to spend all my hard earned and...............the page still wasnt available. Why oh why was this happening to me (never mind the thousands of other Demonstrators in Australia). Take control Gwen, go have your coffee and shower, make the bed and then come back. Right thats what I will do! Bed first, then to the shower.............better just check to see if..........not yet,  ok shower, wrap towel around the body............better check again might have come on line whilst in the shower. It hasnt. Be strong, have your coffee then check back if you must Gwen. I sit and drink coffee (very quickly), better check again. Oh yes its on line, I can put my order in woo hoo. I have added my list of goodies to the thousands of other Demo's, give a brief thought to the packers at SU in Sydney and wish them well as they take on the mammoth task of filling every order that hits them, so now I have to wait until the postal delivery driver comes to the door with my preciousous cargo.
The first photo is using the set Artistic Etchings. This set I must admit I was not too sure about when I first saw it, but my goodness it has grown on me in a big way and now I cant seem to get enough of it! The 2nd photo is of the card that is going to be the make and take card for Lyns workshop on Saturday the 4th. I will have a few other surprises up my sleeve for then too.............cant reveal them all here!  We are all so happy that the waiting is now over and we can share what is new with our wonderful customers and friends. Till next time, happy stampin'!                                      

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  1. Gwen, these cards are beautiful as usual. I especially love the one using Friends Never Fade. Love the new blog too. Kris.


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