Thursday, September 30, 2010

School Holidays!

Sorry I have been missing in action the last few days. A combination of really not being able to do much at all becasuse I have been ill with the Lurgy, and having one of my grand daughters here for a few days is not conducive to blog writing............or creating for that matter. The house is quiet again now that said grandchild had gone home.
   I love the way that kids are so creative and uninhibited when it comes to their creativity. They dont think like we do (is that good??) and are so much more adventurous in what they do. September is a very busy month for us as far as birthdays go. This month so far we have had, mine, my husband, our son and a very good friend not to mention the nieces and nephews that arent even in the same state as us!

Last week being my husband's birthday, the two girls made their grand dad a  card each, and also a get well card from each of them for me too. Their cards are of course beautiful and will be placed away now, so that in years to come they will get them back and be able took upon them and the memories of that day will no doubt have a good chuckle. The insert on one of the cards reads
"Happy Birthday!
Thank you for everything and all the advice you have given me....
Even if its not the best to use,
P.S. You look like you're only 22!! xoxoxoxo"
Now this child will go far!!!

Seriously though, I know we all have bits and pieces that we have made or started to make and they have not turned out the way we had envisaged, so we have put them asisde for "another day". Well all my bits like that I put in a container and when the kids arrive we sit and do something together with all the "another day" goodies. So we sat and potched and played. I thought this is the perfect time to use only what is on the table or within reach.
No cheating and getting out of the chair, use only what is within immediate reach. I was very disciplined which surprised me, and I proceeded to dig around in the box of goodies for unfinsihed projects, scraps of ribbon, 1/2 pearls, brads, 1/2 rhinestones (I know that I didnt leave them out last time I used them!) dazzling diamonds, diecuts that I had made to either try out a new die or they didnt fit in whatever I was making at the time.Even dimensionals I cut up the edges to use. These are just three of those that were made up from scraps, left overs.
There are another four cards and I will post them straight after this, as I (still) have dreadful times trying to get the pics where I want them!

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  1. Wow, Gwen, you have been busy. What a fantastic idea. I will have to keep this in mind. Kris.


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