Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Beach

Hi, today I had a wonderful day, I took two of my lovely ladies with me to fellow Demonstrator Kris McIntosh's, where she was holding a class.
Before we left though I still made time for my daily walk along the beach. Today, I did not find anything to give me inspiration in the card making arena, but it was wonderful just to be able to meander along the waters edge. I dont think I will ever make Power Walker status, but I figure I am still walking, still moving and therefore there must be some exercising happening in there somwhere. 
We made Two beautiful books, one for colour combinations and the other an inventory of all our papers and cardstock, stamps etc etc. These are definitely projects that I will recreate and share with my other ladies. They will be so Jealous when they see wha they have missed out on!! Not only did we make these practical items, the just look so darn good too.  Kris also supplied us with a beautiful lunch (thanks Kris). Tomorrow its off to the beach again for a walk and a swim, then home into it to prep for a class that I am holding next week. Till next time......

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