Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A walk on the beach

Hi everyone, My blog at this point of the day is not so much about card making and papercraft, but how it always seems to be lurking in the back of our mind. This morning I woke and decided to go for a walk along the beach. I havent been for so so long, and I think like everything we take its beauty for granted and that it will always be there. As everyone would be aware we have had some terrible erosion of our foreshores with the wild weather we have experienced over the last couple of years. Normally I am a person who believes that nature will eventually remedy erosion and climatic problems, but after looking at our beautiful beaches aftrer our last bout of wild weather I thought "Goodness old girl, you have your work cut out for you". I am so glad that the Sunshine Coast Regioanl Council decided to do some dredging to replace some of the sand that had been taken away.
 So this morning I stepped onto the beach and thought how beautiful this is, how peaceful even though the waves were pounding and dumping so close to the shore. I had not walked more than perhaps 30 metres along the beautiful Spit at Mooloolaba Beach and I looked down and came across this piece of shell. It is quite big, and my first reaction to seeing this part of what would have been a magnificent shell in its entirety was "This is exactly like Cajun Craze!" So I popped it into my pocket and bought it home with me. I forgot about if for a little while, and when I remembered it, I went to my card stock stash and grabbed a piece of Cajun Craze and photographed them. It is so so close in colour! I think now I have to put my thinking cap on to see what I can come up with, and still keep the beachy feeling. Keep tuned to see what I come up with. Thanks for reading even though it wasnt really stamp related.

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