Friday, October 8, 2010

Today's Find Reminds Me of Another Technique!

 This morning was  grey, wet, and overcast. It had rained heavily during the early hours of the morning, and it would have been so easy to pull the covers over my head and stay exactly where I was! It was still very warm so I decided that a bit of rain never hurt anyone and  set of for my morning walk upon the beach. Have I ever told you before that it rains differently in Queensland to other places in Australia and indeed some other parts of the world!
Yes its wet, like every where else, but even in driving rain, its warm and doesnt leave your body shivering and shaking with cold as it would, in say if you were in the Southern States of Australia or perhaps Britain. Because of the conditions I didnt have to share the beach with anyone else this morning except for a Council Worker picking up rubbish off the sand to keep our beaches beautiful!
 I found this shell this morning and it immediately set me to thinking of sooting. I love this technique. It is quite simple but always brings forth such  wonderful results. So once again I have photographed the shell, and then tried my hand at sooting and yes I love it! The rest of the creation will have to wait until tomorrow, as I have to spray it with some sealer so the soot doesnt smudge, and when it is dry I will make it up and pop it on here so you can see the end result. I think I will also do one with coloured sooting, I am thinking perhaps Soft Suede or Pear Pizazz, now you will have to wait and see! Till next time..............

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