Friday, January 14, 2011

The Queensland Flood Disaster

My resolution for this year suffered a slight setback with all the rain that we have been inundated with. We suffered some water damage to the garage roof, but compared to what other folk have had to endure with loss of loved ones, and all their possessions it truly is small bananas. We all have tales of what has happened to loved ones and friends in this terrible disaster, my own nephew and family have lost everything, they were lucky enough to get out with the clothes on their backs and get their car to high ground. The emotional roller coaster that these people will be riding for months and years to come is unthinkable. It has been heartening in the midst of all this to see the mateship and comrady amongst friends, neighbours, complete strangers even as they console and work beside each other to try and put things together again. This is what Australia is built on and what we are renowned all over the world for, and that is to help our fellow man in times of distress and dire need, the only question asked "What can I do to help mate?" As Australians our strength and resilience will see us through, and we will come back better than ever. I know that you will all join with me and offer a prayer of hope and in some cases of condolence,
Bye for now

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  1. Thoughts and prayers to all of you affected by the flooding. Celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary in your beautiful country 2 years ago and have never met a friendlier group of people. We wish we could retire there!


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