Saturday, January 8, 2011

Something Different

My younger sister is a very talented paper crafter. She is also a wonderful artist. She talked me into trying this simple paper toile, this was admist my saying I dont think so, I wouldnt be very good at it etc etc. I duly cut out the pieces and started to shape them and place them. I found that I did  really enjoy doing this (although I dont think anything will overtake my love of stamping). I must admit that I didnt think it would be  as labour intensive as it was. I thought that I would share this just for something a little different, and to encourage others to try something that they are not familiar with - to step outside the square so to speak!
I hope you enjoyed seeing this 'creation' of mine. I think that I will probably stick to stamping and other forms of papercraft, as you really NEED A LOT OF PATIENCE to do paper toile and those of you out there that do this papercraft I tip my hat to you!
Till next time,
Bye for now and happy stampin'!

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