Saturday, January 8, 2011

That old Black Magic..............

Next Friday's Technique Class will be Black Magic. No not the cast a spell kind, but the artistic kind. We will be creating these cards, but using three different Black Magic Techniques. The first, was a tutorial on  SCS and I followed the instructions using Watercolour pencils on the Whisper White Craft Ink after it has been dried with the heat tool,The second is uing chalks on the heat dried Craft Ink. The third was done by daubering colour onto the wet craft ink and carefully drying the ink off when it was completed. I looked at a lot of samples all over the web and took bits and pieces of ideas from different pictures I saw, so if you see a bit of your creation here or there, then thank you. To be honest, this was the very first time I had really 'used' my Stampin Pastels. The depth of colour that can be attained is amazing, and when I was finished it left me itching to do some more with the Stampin Pastels. I can see these wil lbe put to good use, and not just left to sit in the cupboard and think "I must use those one day" everytime I have to move them to get something else! I like the way they turned out I hope you do too!

1 comment:

  1. Gwen these cards are stunning. I may have to revisit this technique.


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